Summer School

Summer Financial Aid Application Information

  • Registration for summer classes begins March 27, 2017. You must have enrolled for all your classes before you submit the summer school application.

  • You are allowed to submit only one application. 

  • Only one application is required if you are requesting aid for both summer terms.​

  • The deadline to submit your Summer Financial Aid Application is June 15, 2017.


  • Students who had previously submitted a 2016-2017 FAFSA are eligible.

  • Students must submit a summer financial aid application in order to be eligible for summer financial aid.  (Even though you have already submitted a 2016-2017 FAFSA, we still need to know if you are requesting aid for the summer term(s). That is the reason for the summer financial aid application.)

  • You must be enrolled in at least six total credit hours for all summer sessions.

Determining How Much Aid You Will Receive

  • The amount of aid you are eligible to receive is based on your enrollment.

  • There is no additional summer financial aid available from the state or federal government. The following types of federal financial aid are available for summer:

    • Federal Pell Grant

      • Federal Pell Grants are available to eligible undergraduate students who have remaining eligibility for 2016-2017.

    • Federal Direct Stafford Loans

      • If you borrowed the maximum Federal Direct Stafford loan amount based on your grade level for 2016-2017, you will not have remaining eligibility for summer.

      • If you did not take classes, were not full-time, or had previously declined Federal Direct loan funding in either the fall or spring semesters, you may likely have summer funding available. 

    • Federal Direct Parent and Graduate PLUS Loans

      • This is a federal credit-based loan for parents of undergraduate students or graduate students enrolled in an eligible degree program. Additional information can be found on our Loan Information page. 

    • Our Financial Aid counselors can help you determine whether or not you will have funding available.   

Dates & Deadlines

  • In order to be awarded financial aid prior to the cancellation of classes, the Office of Financial Aid must receive your summer school application by June 15, 2017. 

  • May 1st is the deadline to submit a Summer 2017 Parent PLUS/Graduate PLUS loan request to ensure processing prior to the May 17th payment due date.

  • Students applying after May 1st are financially responsible for any charges on their student account. 

  • For undergraduate students enrolled in both five-week sessions but taking less than six credit hours during the first five week term, Stafford Loan funds will not be disbursed to your account until the beginning of the second term

Timeline for Awarding

  • Students who applied by May 1, 2017:

    • Your aid will be awarded by May 17, 2017.

  • Students who applied after May 2, 2017:

    • Your aid will not be available until after the payment due date shown on your eBill (May 17)​.

    • You are financially responsible for any charges on your student account.

    • In order to prevent your classes from being subject to cancellation, you must do one of the following:

      • Enroll in a UNC Charlotte payment plan that will pay tuition, fees, and charges in full.

      • Pay the difference between tuition, fees and charges and offered/accepted financial aid.

      • Pay your bill in full, including all tuition, fees, and charges.

Accessing the Online Summer Financial Aid Application

  • The deadline for the online summer financial aid application has passed. The application is closed. 

What Should I Know about Summer Financial Aid?

  • The summer school application is not required to receive a Pell Grant during the summer. Students who do not complete this application will have their eligibility reviewed after the drop/add period of each summer term. Summer Pell Grant awards will pay after the drop add/period of each summer term.

  • The summer application IS required if you are applying for the federal Stafford loans, Graduate PLUS Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans.

  • For undergraduate students enrolled in both five-week sessions but taking less than six credit hours during the first five week term, Stafford Loan funds will not disburse to your account until the beginning of the second term.  You must be enrolled in at least six total credit hours for all summer sessions.

  • If you change summer session terms of enrollment or reduce the total number of enrolled hours due to dropping or cancellation of classes, your award will be reduced accordingly or possibly canceled.

  • You must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requirement at the end of the spring semester.   More information is available at the SAP Information page. If you are academically suspended, you are not eligible for summer financial aid.

  • Financial aid will only pay for the 1st and 2nd attempt of the same course that has been successfully completed with a grade of D or better. Some courses are exempt from this rule because they are designated as being repeatable.

  • The following students must contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for a paper summer school application: Undergraduate students enrolled in less than 6 credit hours that have not used all of their yearly Pell Grant eligibility; graduate students enrolling for only thesis hours; students enrolled in study abroad, and students on transient study during the summer. Additional information may be required.

Information Regarding Alternative Loans

  • Non-federal loans may be available to students who do not qualify for federal student loans or those who need additional loan assistance beyond the federal loan maximums.

  • In order to receive a non-federal loan (alternative/private loan), the student must apply directly with the lender. You may choose any lender of your choice.  For your convenience, we offer this handy FASTChoice alternative loan tool, which walks you through important information about types of funding and money management. It also presents your new responsibilities if you decide to borrow money.  After you review this information, you will see a list of lenders offering loan products in a way that makes it easy to compare them.

  • The summer school application is not required if you only apply for an alternative loan for the summer. The Office of Financial Aid will receive the information directly from the lender. Be sure to sign all disclosure notices with the lender.

  • You will receive an email when your award has been finalized. Please allow a minimum of four weeks to process the alternative loan.