Study Abroad

Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Financial aid funds are available for study abroad, however all degree-seeking UNC Charlotte students in good academic standing, who are interested in education abroad program, and wish to use their financial aid for this purpose, must complete the study abroad process with the Office of Education Abroad, and the necessary steps required to receive credit for course work taken at the “Host” school. 

While most students are able to use financial aid to assist with the cost of studying abroad, it is very likely that students will need to cover these expenses up front, and then be reimbursed at a later date by financial aid or other sources.  Due to federal regulations, these funds very rarely come through in time to use them to cover students’ study abroad expenses directly.  Students should be aware of this and make arrangements to have their expenses covered in the meantime.

After the study abroad period, students must have their final transcripts submitted to UNC Charlotte for continued financial aid eligibility determination.  If this does not occur, all aid will be removed from the students’ accounts. 

Per the US Department of Education, transcript must be received in order to determine:

  • Whether the final transcript may impact a student’s eligibility under Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) rules;
  • Whether a student may have withdrawn from school, which then financial aid funds must be recalculated and could result in student’s balance owed to UNC Charlotte;
  • Whether the student ever started every class – if not – school must perform financial aid recalculation and student could owe funds back to UNC Charlotte.